Wilderness Youth Camps in Idaho and Alaska

Child Rappelling

Kids Farm, Ranch, and Nature Day Camp Returning Summer 2020

Our farm, ranch, and nature day camps started our programs back in 2002 and soon served roughly 150 kids each summer doing farm chores exploring nature, and, most importantly, just being kids. Many started as six and seven-year-olds and returned every year, growing up in our programs and participating as teens. They are adults now, and it is heartwarming to hear for them and their parents of the impact camp made on them. These camps will return summer of 2022.

3D Archery

Preteen Total Bushcraft Camps -- Returning Summer 2022

Our one-week bushcraft camps give preteens a deeper immersion into the outdoors. They fortify a child’s practical knowledge and build up essential wilderness skills in some breathtaking outdoor locations. It’s important to note that these camps do not require any outdoor skills or knowledge to attend. While each session lasts a week, your child is welcome to sign up for multiple sessions. One-week camps are popular with students who wish to attend our multi-week, total immersion programs when they move into their teens..

Packtrain Camp

Teen Camps

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Wilderness Teen Camps in Idaho (Alaska Trapping -- Will Retrurn Summer 2022)

Our rigorous two to seven-week total immersion camps are for students who are ready to get their hands dirty and spend a lot more time in the outdoors. Our primary goal is to help develop teens into competent, safe, and ethical backpackers who are comfortable out in nature. Groups are tiny, and each student works with a mentor who teaches them in-depth wilderness survival skills, bushcraft, firearms, archery, and other skills necessary to work or spend long periods in the backcountry. Material learned in camp can be applied to a child’s instruction in our full-time school. In other cases, a child may earn science or physical education credit at their home school.

“Please Note: We offer multi-session and family discounts. The second camp or camper from the same family are eligible for 10% discount from the second camp enrolled of any current summer camp of equal or lesser value (Discounts DO NOT apply to Alaska Camp) and the Third or more camp or camper from the same family is eligible for a 20% off of third or more camps enrolled of any 2019 summer camp of equal or lesser value (Discounts DO NOT apply to Alaska Camp)”

A Few Words from our Director

“Thank you for stopping by to visit,

For those that are new to our programs

This all started in 2001 and in 2005 we created a strategic planning committee made up of kids and their parents. I called these kids the “Hard Core Core.” These kids were from little kids through teens, they were those that came for many weeks each summer and for many years, these kids were our customers and our best, these were the kids we wanted to please in the long team.

Some, though adults now, still check in with us. The kids and parents met separately, volunteers that the kids and parents did not know, facilitated the day so all would speak freely. The kids were sprawled on the back porch, parents in the house, all brainstorming, organizing, and formulating their plans, as Brian and his son were cooking a whole goat outside for a feast. At the end of the day and well fed, the butcher paper was hung around the living room and Brian was invited in for them to explain their needs and wants. That weekend they designed and set goals to form their ideal camp that they wanted. Their utopia.

Each year since, we return to that butcher paper and set our long-range goals, which set our med range goals, which set our short term goals. Each year we took more training, got many more certifications, and invested more money, and added more activities and programs. Each year we checked off one more want and got a bit closer to their ideal institute.

We were checking in with the kids. At the end of each camp, the preteens and teens evaluated and discussed how we could make it better. It has been 15 years since that first strategic planning committee, the youngest is now in college, yet Brian remembers who wanted what components, and most of the kids and the families that were a part of that first meeting still stays in touch with us.

We are happy to say that every one of their goals has been met in a big way. In fact, in each key area, we now certified instructors in those areas, and in some, we are instructors of instructors within those governing bodies. We have also been on accreditation teams for the American Camp Association.

It has been a long journey but we are not done raising our bar. We will continue to raise our bar; to make our best better.

This will be an epic summer. Have your teen or preteen join the adventure

Do You Still Have Questions?

The NOLI School Facebook Group addresses frequently Asked Questions about our camps and school. We also discuss the options we have to best serve the children you have a stake in. The NOLI School Group’s membership is made up of our Founders Toni and Brian King, future, present, and past parents, students, and staff. Come join the solution by joining in discussion.

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Our Mission

"My brother and I have been coming to their camps since we were little. They have all been great, we never know what to expect, each one is always better than the one before."
—Kobe age 15
"Camp shaped the kind of people my sons have become and it can't be said enough, how much gratitude I have for those years."
—Genevieve Sollecito
"Nature is a profoundly deep part of us. Our species has spent 99.9% of the the time we have walk on this earth thriving in nature, building shelter, making clothing, making fire, finding drinking water, tracking, and and thanking God for harvest. For our species survival we had to be deeply connected to nature."
—Brian King
"I flew from Upstate New York to Idaho last summer to spend 3 weeks to assist Brian and Toni as a staff member. I have spent a lifetime in the outdoors and teaching kids. My experience at NOLI was nothing short of life changing. I witnessed young lives changed forever because of the unique atmosphere created. As a Grandfather of two young boys, 1 and 3, I am already excited with the prospect that they too will enjoy the experience."
—Jack Spriggg